Welcome To Oakmeadow Surgery


During May we received 68 Replies.

We would like you to think about your recent experience of our service.

50 patients responded Extremely Good

13 patients responded Good.

2 patients responded Neither good nor poor.

3 Patients responded Poor

Out of the the 50 responses (extremely) comments were, ” Rang Yesterday had an appointment for the Following day” “Staff are so Friendly and Welcoming” “Prompt and efficient service and very friendly practice” “GP’s Excellent service” “Surprisingly I got through on the phone quite quickly. I was given an appointment with Dr Johnson she was prompt in seeing me and she was thorough in her assessment of my problem,she offered advice and medication, I felt she genuinely cared and wanted to be supportive”

Out of the 13 responses ( Good) Comments were , “The doctors was fast with appointments and waiting times was good,Staff friendly ” ” i was admitted on time , Nurse Extremely polite” ” No bad experiences so far “

Out of the 2 responses (Neither good nor poor ) Comments were : “We are having problems getting an appointment since this system of online booking for an appointment , We would be please if you have some kind of flexibility for people who have problems using online system”

Out of the 3 responses ( Poor ) Comments were: ” If you take ill after 10am , you have had it , only trying to keep away from a&e” ” Can never get through for an appointment on the app “

We would like to thank you for your recent feedback regarding our new telephone system. This isn’t working as we had hoped, we apologise for any inconvenience. This is being investigated by our phone provider. We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding.